Professional Liability Insurance Coverage



Before you apply for registration or apply to reinstate your practice permit, you must get your own PLI coverage that meets these requirements:

  • your name must be on the PLI policy and it must match the name on your registration or reinstatement application
  • your coverage is:
    • occurrence based
    • at least two-million dollars ($2,000,000.00) per claim
    • at least three million dollars ($3,000,000.00) for all claims combined per year

How You Can Demonstrate That You Meet the Requirement

You can show that you have the required PLI coverage by uploading proof when we ask for it in your registration or reinstatement application. We accept any of these as proof:

  • a copy of your PLI policy certificate
  • written confirmation from your insurer
  • proof of third-party PLI

If you don’t have any of those as proof, please contact us. In special cases only we may consider accepting a completed PLI Declaration Form instead.

Other Ways to Meet this Requirement

There are no other ways to meet this requirement.

How We Assess this Requirement

We use Registration Policy RP16 Professional Liability Insurance to assess this requirement.

Additional Information

These PLI Questions & Answers will help answer your questions about PLI. They cover information like:

  • what PLI is and why you must have it
  • options for where you can get PLI coverage
  • what you need as proof of coverage

After you review the PLI Questions & Answers, if you still have questions about our PLI requirements, reach out to our Regulatory Compliance Advisors. If you have questions about insurance coverage details, please reach out to your insurance broker.