Our Committees

Council appoints committees to:

  • support the work of Council
  • fulfill regulatory responsibilities
  • assist with carrying out the work of our College

Keep reading to learn about:

  • Statutory/Regulatory and Governance functions
  • committee accountability and decision-making responsibility
  • ad-hoc committees and working groups

Statutory/Regulatory and Governance

Our committees are either Statutory/Regulatory or Governance, according to their role and responsibilities.

The Health Professions Act (HPA) either requires or allows our College to have certain committees to support our regulatory function. We refer to them as statutory or regulatory committees because they are required or permitted by statute (legislation) and their purpose is directly related to our College’s role of regulating dental assistants.

Council also appoints governance committees. These committees contribute to our College’s regulatory work by supporting Council’s:

  • oversight of the systems we have in place for effectively running our organization
  • accountability to our College’s stakeholders

Accountability and Decision Making

Except for the Appeals Committee, Hearing Tribunals and Complaint Review Committees, our committees report to and make recommendations to Council. The Appeals Committee, Hearing Tribunals and Complaint Review Committees must comply with the requirements described in the HPA. Regulatory committees have the authority to make decisions within specific circumstances.

Each committee has Terms of Reference to define things like purpose, structure, authority and reporting. You can find this information in our Governance Policies.

Special and Ad Hoc Committees and Working Groups

Council may appoint Special or Ad Hoc Committees or Working Groups as it considers necessary to assist with the work of the College. They will be:

  • assigned specific work
  • appointed for a defined period of time
  • disbanded when their specific purpose is complete

Join a Committee

If you would like to be involved in the work we do, we invite you to consider joining a committee.

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