CCP Audit

We audit at least 5% of dental assistants’ CCP records each year. In January, we send notices to everyone we select for audit, and include which years of CCP records we will review. If you’re selected, it will show in the Portal at Audit.

An abstract calendar showing the date as February 28th and the words CCP Audit Deadline. The abstract calendar is in the College’s colours: dark grey, bright blue, bright green and white. It is set on a background of a light grey circle.When we select you for audit, you must have your records posted online and ready for us to review by February 28. Keeping your CCP requirements up to date throughout the year will make this easy.

Watch this video for information about audit, including:

  • which records we will review
  • what we’re looking for when we review your records
  • what you can do to get a Satisfactory result
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During audit we check your practice hours, learning plans, learning activities and verification. We use the criteria throughout the CCP Policies and the Audit Evaluation Guide to decide if an audit is Satisfactory or Incomplete. We encourage you to use the Audit Evaluation Guide and the CCP Checklist to help you prepare for a successful audit.

Our goal for audit is to help you understand and meet our continuing competence expectations rather than to penalize.

This Continuing Competence Audit Timeline infographic shows the important dates in our audit and what happens when. In January, we notify dental assistants we select for audit and indicate which years of records we will review. February 28 is the deadline for their audit submission. During March through May, we review their records and offer feedback. If their audit is incomplete, we work with them to help them understand the audit requirements and what they need to fix for their audit to be satisfactory. They must have a satisfactory result by May 31st. If they still have an incomplete audit as of June 1st, we will refer them to conduct. Throughout the year, dental assistants are to keep their competence records updated in our Portal and keep copies of their records for at least 5 years.

Audit Extensions

You may request an audit extension on or before the CCP audit deadline. Details about how to make your request, what it must include and what you can expect are in CCP11 Audit Extension of the CCP Policies.

Audit Outcomes

We will let you know if your audit is Satisfactory or Incomplete.

If your audit is Satisfactory, your audit is done.

If your audit is Incomplete, you will have steps to take to make it Satisfactory (the remedial process). Please work with us during the remedial process. We will let you know why your audit is Incomplete and what you need to do to change that. We want to help you understand the CCP requirements and our expectations so you can have a Satisfactory audit now and in the future.

We describe the Remedial Process in CCP 12 Remedial Process of the CCP Policies.

Referral to Conduct

If you do not meet the CCP audit requirements through the remedial process, the next step may be that we refer you to the unprofessional conduct process. We would rather avoid this and encourage you to work with us during the remedial process.

You will find details about Conduct Referrals in the CCP Policies, CCP13 Conduct Referrals.

Appealing a Decision

If you are not satisfied with your audit outcome you may appeal to the Competence Committee. Details about how to make an appeal are in CCP14 Appeals of the CCP Policies.

Audit Workshops

Early in the year (before the February 28th audit submission deadline), we host CCP Audit Workshops. In these workshops, we talk about the audit requirements and what you need to do to have a successful audit. Sign up for a workshop.

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