Renewing Your Dental Assisting Permit

An abstract calendar showing the date as November 30th and the words Renewal Deadline. The abstract calendar is in the College’s colours: dark grey, bright blue, bright green and white. It is set on a background of a light grey circle.

Annual renewal opens in October.

The renewal deadline is November 30.

Get Ready

During renewal season, we will post resources here to help you get ready for renewal.


Here’s a brief overview of what’s in your renewal application. Reviewing it will help you prepare for a quick and easy renewal.

Profile updates

Check that all your contact information is current in your profile (for example, name, email, mailing address and phone number). If you need to change your name, have verification ready to upload.

You must keep the information in your Profile up to date. It’s required by the Health Professions Act, our Bylaws and Standards of Practice.

Complete your competence requirements

  • You will need to have your learning objectives for the current year completed before you apply to renew your permit.
  • Calculate your practice hours. You need to have at least 300 practice hours that are no more than 3 years old when you apply to renew.*
  • Plan your learning for next year. You will need to record 2 proposed learning objectives before you renew.

*If you have less than 300 practice hours, you also meet the current practice requirement if you:

  • graduated from a dental assisting education program within the last three years, or
  • complete a Clinical Refresher Course, or
  • complete the National Dental Assisting Examining Board Clinical Practice Evaluation, or
  • have current dental assisting practice rights in another regulated province

Patient Relations Module

You must have completed the Patient Relations Final Exam before you renew. If you haven’t done it yet, you can access it in the Professional Practice Learning Centre (PPLC). It’s a one-time requirement – if you completed it in the past, you meet the requirement. Check the PPLC if you’re not sure.

Not completing the Patient Relations Final Exam may result in cancellation or suspension of your Registration and/or Practice Permit.

Professional Liability Insurance

Renew your professional liability insurance (PLI) so you are covered for the upcoming permit year – December 1st through November 30th – before you renew. Have your PLI certificate ready to upload.

Check our PLI Questions & Answers for information about the kind and amount of professional liability insurance you need, and what you can use as proof if you don’t have a PLI certificate.

Employment information updates

Check that all your employment information is current (for example, employer name and contact information, your start and end dates, hours, role).

You must keep your employment information up to date. It’s required by the Health Professions Act, our Bylaws and Standards of Practice.

Applicant’s Statement, Terms and Conditions

The declarations you make about your eligibility to renew and the information you provide in your renewal application are important. Read carefully and respond accurately.

Fee and Payment

The renewal fee is $225.00. Have your credit card ready to pay your fee in the renewal application form.

After You Renew

Remember to:

  • print your Practice Permit
  • print your receipt

Not Practicing

If you won’t be practicing as a dental assistant in the upcoming registration year, you may renew your Permit if you meet the requirements or you may choose to cancel your Permit and registration. You can learn more at Cancel Permit and Registration.

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