Dental Assistants' Learning Centre

Our Professional Practice Learning Centre (PPLC) makes it easy for you to use our learning modules and quizzes. Plus, it has a variety of tools to support your learning.

You’ll find these modules in our PPLC:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Patient Relations
  • Standards of Practice

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics provides a framework for dental assistants’ safe, competent and ethical practice. Use this module to:

  • help you learn about the Code and how it impacts your practice
  • guide you as you reflect on your own practice and ethical conduct
  • find resources for ethical decision-making in your daily practice

Patient Relations

All regulated health professionals must complete learning to help prevent and address sexual abuse and sexual misconduct toward patients by regulated members. Our module provides learning that applies to your dental assisting practice.

This module will help you understand:

  • acceptable professional conduct
  • behaviours or actions that constitute unprofessional conduct

Every dental assistant must complete the Patient Relations Module before renewing their practice permit. It’s a one-time requirement but you can refer to it as often as you like.

Standards of Practice

Our Standards of Practice set reasonable expectations for your daily practice. By using this module, you learn:

  • about these expectations
  • how to use the Standards to guide you in your practice

Using the Modules in Our Learning Centre

The learning modules are set up in units so you can work through them in sections. You can watch videos, check what you’ve learned and quiz yourself.

You can also use the modules as a reference tool any time you need guidance in your practice.

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