Complaints About Dental Assistants in Alberta

June 26, 2019

Complaints about Professional Conduct

If you have a concern about the professional services you received, or about a dental assistant’s conduct, we want to hear from you. Read here for more information about making a complaint and how the process works.

Complaints about Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct

If your concern may be related to sexual conduct, you can find more information here. We explain what sexual abuse and sexual misconduct are and detail what is involved in making a complaint.

Treatment and Counselling Fund

We have funding available to pay for treatment and counselling when a dental assistant has committed sexual abuse or sexual misconduct while you were a patient. Read more here.

Complaint Form

Use this complaint form to give us the information we need to look into your concerns. It is a PDF form that you need to print, fill in, and sign.


Read the results of hearings here.

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