Infection Prevention and Control for Dental Assistants

Last updated: June 1, 2022

At: 8:03 am

Infection prevention and control is essential to providing safe care.

IPC Standards and IPC Guidelines

Dental assistants must meet or exceed the Alberta Dental Association and College’s (ADA&C) Infection Prevention and Control Standards and Risk Management for Dentistry and any other applicable guidelines or legislation necessary to meet the current standard of care.

Use the Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines to help you interpret and apply the IPC Standards. This helpful resource offers clear and practical information that works together with the IPC Standards.

IPC Standards are the rules that dental assistants must follow. The IPC Guidelines offer best practices and how-to information that support the IPC Standards.

If you have checked the IPC Guidelines and still have questions or concerns about the Standards, please discuss them with your employer and/or the ADA&C.

Reusable & Single-Use Medical Devices Standards

Alberta Health recommends that the Reusable & Single-Use Medical Devices Standards be applied in all health care facilities or settings where health services are provided.

Sharps & Syringes

When you work with dental needles and other sharps, follow this Policy Protocol Sharps, Syringes & Safety Engineered Syringes (SES). For dental offices with a policy that allows for not using Safety Engineered Syringes for certain procedures, this acceptance applies.

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