Annually assessing your own competence is an important step in the competence program. When you use the Self-Assessment you will rate yourself in each of the competencies of a dental assistant.

Use the Self-Assessment fillable PDF.

Your ratings help you identify what you need to learn to benefit your practice. You can then use that information to plan your learning objectives for the upcoming year.

Maintain your learning objective records in our Portal.


Registered Dental Assistants may use a dental laser for in-office tooth whitening and curing dental materials only. The RDA must be able to demonstrate appropriate training and competence.

Appropriate training would include theoretical and clinical training and successful completion of a meaningful examination/evaluation to ensure competence in: use of the equipment, appropriate applications for the laser and safety measures for the patient and the dental personnel. As with any professional service, the RDA must provide only those services they are competent to perform, authorized to provide and that are appropriate to the situation. It is the joint responsibility of the RDA and their senior professional to determine competence.

Guidelines for the Use of Dental Lasers by RDAs

(for tooth whitening and curing dental materials only as described in the corresponding position statement)

Use of a Dental Laser for Tooth Whitening and Curing Dental Material

  • knowledge of indications and contraindications of dental lasers
  • knowledge of types, methods and benefits of dental laser treatment
  • knowledge of technology and documentation used to monitor performance of sterilizers knowledge of rationale for dental laser usage
  • knowledge of risks associated with dental lasers
  • knowledge of dental personnel safety issues
  • knowledge of patient safety measures
  • knowledge of isolation techniques
  • knowledge of appropriate timing of treatment
  • knowledge of proper cleaning, sterilization, and maintenance of equipment
  • ability to select and use appropriate armamentarium
  • ability to apply standard precautions including PPE for operator and patient
  • ability to identify site to be treated
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