About the College

Alberta Dental Assistants are recognized leaders in regulation and governance, support research and practices that establish universally-accepted standards of competence, professionalism, quality, and safety for the profession. The oral health of Albertans is deeply important to us—we maintain high standards so you can trust that you and your family are protected.

We protect the public by regulating the profession of dental assisting. We do this through our registration processes and monitoring continuing competence for dental assistants, so Albertans are assured of safe, quality oral health care.

We set standards to guide dental assistants’ practice, including our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Our Policies guide the work we do to regulate dental assisting.

We also investigate complaints made about dental assistants and carry out discipline processes set out in legislation.

Our Mission

The College of Alberta Dental Assistants regulates its members in the public interest, promoting the delivery of safe, quality oral health care.

Organization Structure and Regulatory Framework

CADA Diagrams Regulatory Framework.svg

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