Schedule of Dental Assisting Fees

Application Assessment Fees

Initial Registration (Registered/Provisional/Courtesy)
Applicants also pay applicable annual fee
$100.00 + GST
Transfer from Provisional to Registered Dental Assistant$25.00 + GST
Reinstatement of Practice Permit
Applicants also pay annual registration fee
$100.00 + GST
Advanced Practice Authorization$25.00 + GST

Annual and Renewal Fees

Registration (Registered/Provisional)
This fee is prorated to $112.50 on June 1st
Courtesy Registration$112.50
Practice Permit Renewal $225.00
Leave of Absence (Non-Practicing) Renewal$75.00

Program and Course Fees

Program Approval$2500.00 + GST
Advanced Practice Education Course Approval$1250.00 + GST
Program Change Fee$1250.00 + GST

Administrative Fees

Verification of Standing (letter or form)$25.00 + GST

Unless noted otherwise, all fees are non-refundable and not pro-rated.

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