Advanced Dental Assisting Practice Authorization

There are four advanced practices:

  • orthodontic
  • preventive
  • probing
  • prosthodontic

You must hold a valid practice permit and be authorized by us before providing advanced practice dental assisting services. We have two pathways to advanced practice authorization:

  • Approved Program or Course
  • Substantial Equivalence

If you completed an Approved Program or Course, or if you can demonstrate Substantial Equivalence, you can apply for authorization to practice an Advanced Practice. Apply in our Portal.

Approved Programs and Courses

For a list of Approved Programs and Courses, check Dental Assisting Education.

Substantial Equivalence

To demonstrate substantial equivalence, you must:

  • have completed formal education for an Advanced Practice that is substantially equivalent to the Clinical Competencies in our Program Approval Policies, or
  • have current dental assisting practice rights for an Advanced Practice that:
    • are for a Canadian province where dental assisting is regulated (it is not regulated in Ontario and Quebec), and
    • are in good standing and not limited in any way

There are other factors that may impact your eligibility for advanced practice authorization. Check our applications and Registration Policies for details.

This information is subject to change at any time.

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