Reinstate Your Dental Assisting Permit

Last updated: September 16, 2021

If your Practice Permit is suspended, you must reinstate your Permit before returning to practice.

If you don’t know the status of your Permit, check our Registry.


Requirements to Reinstate your Suspended Practice Permit*

  1. complete a minimum of two learning objectives within the last 365 days
  2. demonstrate current practice by having:
    • graduated from a dental education program within the last three years, or
    • completed at least 300 dental assistant practice hours within the last three years, or
    • completed a Clinical Refresher Course or the NDAEB clinical practice evaluation within the last three years, or
    • other qualifications that show your practice is current (substantial equivalence), such as current practice rights as a dental assistant or other dental professional in a regulated province
  3. apply to reinstate your Permit in our Portal

* For full details consult RP5 Reinstatement in our Registration Policies. This information summarizes relevant sections of our Registration Policies. If there is any conflict, real or perceived, between this information and the Policies, the Policies take precedence. The Policies are subject to change without notice.

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