Apply While Completing Your NDAEB Requirements

Last updated: December 7, 2020

Time: 1:46 pm

To qualify you must:

  • graduate from an accredited* dental assisting program in Canada
  • be scheduled to write the NDAEB Written Exam


  • graduate from a non-accredited* dental assisting program
  • pass the NDAEB Written Exam
  • pass at least one skill in the NDAEB Clinical Practice Evaluation (or complete intra-oral upgrading at an accredited* dental assisting program) within the last three years


  • be enrolled in an accredited* distance delivery program
  • complete at least one intra-oral course within the last three years

Before you apply, review this important information about Provisional Practice.

To apply, click on “Activate now!” in our Applicant Portal. When you are asked to Choose Category, select the NDAEB In Progress (Provisional) option.

When you apply, be ready to provide:

  • Canadian-government ID
  • certificate, diploma or official transcript from the school you attended
  • NDAEB scheduled exam date confirmation or exam results (if applicable)
  • proof of intra-oral education (if applicable)
  • good character and reputation information
  • Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check Certificate
  • credit card payment
  • other documents to support your answers in our application

*Accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada. Check their website to confirm your program’s accreditation status.

NDAEB – National Dental Assisting Examining Board

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