September 2022 Council Meeting Activities

September 26, 2022

At their September 2022 meeting, Council:

Participated in learning about:

  • shaping messages and how to engage with the media
  • risk management as it applies to:
    • liability protection and insurance
    • reducing potential liability
    • principles of natural justice
    • Ombudsman’s role under the HPA


  • Values and Values Statements

Our new Values focus on the culture of our organization. They will inform and guide the actions and behaviours of Council and staff, and clearly define what others can expect from our College.


  • Ayodele Adediran, as the Public Member Councillor, and Chelsey Dudley, as the Regulated Member Councillor, to the 2022 Appointment Committee


  • the 2021-22 Annual Report

Our 2021-22 Annual Report includes the required content identified in the Health Professions Act as well as an introduction and overview of the College and the Council.

The Annual Report helps us demonstrate to the Minister, the Legislative Assembly, and the Alberta Public that we are fulfilling our regulatory obligations.

Council considered the feedback received from the stakeholder consultation process and gave final approval for merit-based appointments for regulated member councillors and, if the need arises, for rebalancing council terms.

  • a new policy for Rebalancing Council Terms

Governance Policy GP3.4 clarifies the intent of the Bylaw for Rebalancing Council Terms and defines guidelines for considering rebalancing of terms.

  • revisions to Governance Policy GP 4.10, Program Approval Committee Terms of Reference

A three-year term was added for appointments to this committee, allowing for a one-year extension to assist with balancing committee member terms and ensuring continuity.

  • adding Capital Assets and Inventory sections to Governance Policy GP 7.1 Finance

These new sections will improve records and allow for more appropriate tracking and depreciation of assets.

Updating the renewal deadline date and removing reference to late renewal fees aligns with our previous Bylaw revisions. The change also confirms the expectation for registrants to have the Patient Relations Learning Module completed before renewing.

  • increasing the maximum amount allowed in the internally restricted Evaluation and Innovation Fund

Council changed the cap for the Evaluation and Innovation Fund from $100,000.00 to $500,000.00. This change allows for funds to be set aside for a comprehensive review of our regulatory programs and implementing recommendations as we work toward our Strategic Plan goals.

  • transferring funds from unrestricted surplus to the internally restricted Evaluation and Innovation Fund

The transfer sets aside monies for a designated purpose in the future, enabling us to plan for long-term projects.

  • revisions to the Expense Claim Guidelines

The changes clarify the roles that are eligible for an honorarium and that gratuities of up to 20 percent may be reimbursed.


  • progress on achieving the Strategic Plan
  • the opportunity for Councillors to allow their name to stand for officer positions for the 2022-23 council term


  • Audited Financial Information for Year Ended May 31, 2022, and the Management Letter to Council, as prepared by Mahon and Associates

Current date: June 22, 2024

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