Our Strategic Plan

2018-23 Strategic Plan

Responsible Leadership

The College leads with confidence and is a trusted regulator, respected by its Members, government and stakeholders.


  1. Collaborate with other health colleges and professional regulators to learn and share best practices in regulatory policy, governance, and management.
  2. Demonstrate our commitment to protect the public through ensuring competence and excellence in Dental Assisting.
  3. Proactively build relationships and promote conversations that influence the development of informed health policy and advance oral health care.
  4. Partner with stakeholders to anticipate and respond to needs aligned with our mandate.
  5. Continually evaluate and advance our regulatory governance.

Pride in the Profession

The College empowers its Members to embrace their profession and take pride in their role of serving the public.


  1. Create a culture of lifelong learning, professional development and commitment to the profession.
  2. Support Members in employing best practices through the shifting and evolving demographics of members, colleagues and the public.
  3. Inspire Members to be involved with the College as a valued volunteer.
  4. Create connections, celebrate networks and build a professional community.
  5. Support Members in providing competent, compassionate and ethical care in all facets and phases of their dental assisting careers.
  6. Promote the value of Members to the dental community, patients and the public.

Promote Research and Innovation

The College promotes, supports and participates in research and innovation to guide and transform our governance and regulatory functions as well as the profession.


  1. Launch a research agenda and innovation strategy to inform evidenced‐based decisions and directions.
  2. Forecast and monitor trends that impact the roles of dental assistants, including labor market, scientific developments, economic indicators and implications of changing demographics.
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