Take Advantage of CCP Audit

December 21, 2023

Each year we audit the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) records of about 5% of dental assistants. We use random selection to make a list of who will participate.

If you’re selected for CCP Audit, it isn’t a punishment and it’s not something to be afraid of. Quite the opposite, it’s an opportunity for you to work with one of our Regulatory Compliance Team members to review your CCP records and ensure you understand the CCP requirements. You will get one-on-one feedback and guidance from the team member who reviews your records.

Tips for a Successful Audit

As you get your CCP records ready for audit, use these helpful tips. They focus on some common issues we saw during last year’s audit. Following them will help you meet the CCP requirements and have a successful audit.

Learning Objective and Learning Results Statements

Common Issue

The statements are missing key information.


Make sure your Learning Objective Statements and Learning Results Statements include the information described on the right side of this example.

Example of a Learning Objective Statement and Learning Results Statement that meet CCP requirements.

Competency Numbers

Common Issue

Competency numbers are incomplete or incorrect.


Look in the Competency Profile or Self-Assessment to find competency numbers.

Example of a Competency Number that meets CCP requirements.

Verification of Learning

Common Issue

Verification doesn’t meet CCP requirements.


Use the Verification of Learning Form whenever possible.

Examples of Self-Study Learning Verification that meet CCP requirements.

Practice Hours

Common Issue

Practice hours records are missing. This is a particular problem when the dental assistant needs to show hours from past years during their audit. It can be challenging to locate old information and records.


Record your practice hours every year and upload verification.

These two resources will help you with recording your practice hours:

How CCP Audit Impacts Your Practice

Gaining a deeper understanding of the competence program will help you use it to benefit your practice by developing your skills and broadening your knowledge.

When we audit your records, our goal is to work one-on-one with you. That’s why we only audit 5% of CCP records each year. We want to ensure our Regulatory Compliance Team has the time to dedicate to each review so you get meaningful feedback and support. They will offer you guidance and resources so that you can use the competence program as a tool to support your practice and enhance patient outcomes.

Current date: February 29, 2024

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