Jill and Luanne Join Our Team

February 1, 2022

Jill Bateman and Luanne Menard are part of our Regulatory Compliance group. They join Tami Brodie-Bartko, who has already transitioned from her former role as Competence Coordinator. Together, they will inform and support the professional practice of dental assistants.

Jill comes to us with a background in both private practice and education. With over a decade of experience, she understands our profession from the day-to-day of clinical practice to teaching future dental assistants. As a program lead in education, Jill developed strong leadership and organization skills. Through her role in education and as a volunteer with our Competence Committee, she also understands our College’s role and how we work with other organizations to regulate our profession. She has a passion for elevating others and fostering positive, inclusive environments. These qualities are all a great fit in her role as Regulatory Compliance Advisor.

Luanne has a range of experience in her 16 years of practice. From small rural to large urban settings, she respects how unique each setting is. At the same time, she recognizes that the common thread is providing patients with the highest standard of care. In addition to clinical practice, Luanne has business administration education and experience, project management and great interpersonal skills. She is passionate about learning, professional and a good communicator (in both English and French). This all makes for a strong combination of skills to draw on in her Regulatory Compliance Advisor role.

Our Regulatory Compliance Advisors Are Here to Guide You

When you have questions about the rules and requirements for dental assistants, Jill, Luanne and Tami are all here to help you. They will answer your questions, help you understand requirements and interpret legislation as it applies to dental assisting practice.

They’re ready to respond about anything that relates to dental assisting, including:

  • Standards of Practice
  • Code of Ethics
  • Continuing Competence Program
  • practice requirements
  • legislation
  • policies
  • guidelines

You can reach our Regulatory Compliance Advisors by email. If you have questions about the Continuing Competence Program (CCP), send your message to ccp@abrda.ca. For all other topics, reach out to practiceadvice@abrda.ca.

We recently introduced the Regulatory Compliance Advisor role to our staff team. They will provide support to our stakeholders including the public, our registrants, their employers, and other health care providers. For this new role we’re focusing on two things. First, to ensure anyone looking for information about dental assisting practice can find what they need. And second, to ensure dental assistants have the guidance they need to support their practice.

Jill, Luanne and Tami will draw on a wide variety of resources as they:

  • explain how specific standards are applied
  • clarify requirements
  • guide registrants’ decision-making
  • help registrants understand their accountabilities
  • interpret legislation and other guiding documents
  • consult on professional practice
  • support continuing competence

By supporting competent dental assisting practice, our Regulatory Compliance Advisors are working to ensure that Albertans receive safe care and that dental assistants have the resources they need to provide safe care.

Structure of Our Organization

Adding the Regulatory Compliance Advisor role is part of the changes we’ve made to how we structure our organization. To ensure our work is focused on regulating dental assistants in the public interest, we also realigned our staff structure and functions. We invite you to learn more about our College.

Current date: May 23, 2024

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