Merit-Based Appointment

As set out by the Health Professions Act, our College’s mandate is to regulate dental assistants in the public interest. We must have a Council to manage and carry out the affairs of our College. Our Council is made up of public members and regulated members. Public members are appointed by government. Regulated members are selected based on their attributes, competencies and experiences and appointed by Council.

Generally, we recruit and select candidates for regulated member councillor positions during September and October. Successful candidates will be appointed to this role for December 1st which is the beginning of the council term.


To be eligible, you must:

  • be a regulated member on the General Register
  • have at least three years of regulated dental assisting practice
  • reside in Alberta

To be eligible, you must not:

  • currently be, or have been within the last two years, an officer, director, executive member or similar position in a professional association that represents members of a regulated health profession
  • be a College employee
  • have had your practice permit suspended or cancelled pursuant to Part 4 of the Health Professions Act within the three years immediately before applying for an appointment
  • be a previous a member of Council who has not been absent from Council for a minimum of two years

Diversity is an important part of a well-rounded Council team. We encourage dental assistants with diverse backgrounds to apply.

Apply to Join Council

Every dental assistant who meets the eligibility criteria is welcome to apply. A form will be available here when we are accepting applications.

About the Role

Our Council is a team of public members and dental assistants who meet to work together to govern our College. Dental assistants are appointed for a three-year term which begins on December 1st

Council meets about four times a year. They participate in:

  • learning activities to support their role
  • discussion and decision-making
  • setting strategic goals
  • monitoring goal outcomes

Expenses and Compensation

Councillors may claim expenses, including travel, accommodation and salary replacement. Councillors are not employees of our College. However, they may claim honoraria for attending meetings and other required functions. Our expense policy lists all eligible expenses. It is in our Governance Policies at GP7.1.1.

Merit-Based Appointment Process

  • Council will identify the number of regulated member positions available for appointment and any attributes, competencies and experiences Council is particularly in need of.
  • We will issue a call for applications by email and provide a two-week deadline to apply.
  • The Registrar & CEO will receive all applications and confirm candidates’ eligibility.
  • All eligible applications will be made anonymous then forwarded to the Appointment Committee.
  • The Committee will use this rubric to review and assess the applications.
  • Based on their assessment, the Committee will short list applications.
  • The Committee will interview short listed applicants and ask for references.
  • After considering applications, interviews, references and the needs of Council, the Committee will recommend candidates to Council for appointment.
  • Council will consider the Committee’s recommendation and select candidates to appoint to the available positions.
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