2022-25 Strategic Plan

These themes provide the foundation of the strategic direction and goals:

  • Regulatory Effectiveness
  • Relationships and Partnerships
  • Trust and Confidence
  • Continuous Learning and Development

Goal 1

We promote continuous learning and improvement that influences policies and programs based on best available evidence and sharing knowledge with other regulatory bodies.


  1. Develop and promote innovative approaches to regulation and governance.
  2. Increase collaboration with other colleges and regulators provincially and nationally to learn and share best practices in regulation and governance.
  3. Anticipate and track emerging trends and develop corresponding processes to improve the patient experience and protect the public.
  4. Continually assess and advance our governance function and leadership.

Goal 2

We are respected and valued by the public, registrants, and stakeholders.


  1. Proactively build and strengthen relationships and initiate dialogue with dental assistants to increase registrants’ knowledge of and commitment to our mandate.
  2. Partner with stakeholders to anticipate and respond to needs aligned with our mandate.

Goal 3

We enhance patient experiences through participating in evaluation and innovative action.


  1. Create an ongoing evaluation agenda and innovation strategy that results in evidenced informed decisions and directions.
  2. Forecast and monitor developments that impact the regulation of dental assistants.
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