Appeals Committee of Council

The Health Professions Act allows for registration decisions, competence decisions and hearing tribunal decisions to be reviewed by or appealed to our Council. Instead of having all Council members participate, Council has designated this authority to the Appeals Committee of Council.

We will maintain a roster of public and regulated Council members who may be appointed as needed. If we receive a review or appeal request, Council will appoint people from the roster to hear it.

The Appeals Committee of Council is statutory/regulatory and directly supports our review and appeal responsibilities described in the HPA. The Appeals Committee has the authority to make decisions as described in the HPA.

For competence and registration decisions, this may involve:

  • upholding, reversing or varying the decision
  • referring the matter for further assessment
  • making orders necessary to carry out their decision

For hearing tribunal decisions, this may involve:

  • staying a decision
  • making findings
  • quashing, confirming or varying any hearing tribunal finding
  • referring the matter back to the hearing tribunal for further consideration
  • referring the matter to the Hearings Director for rehearing by a different hearing tribunal

Appeals Committee Roster Members

Ayodele Adediran
Chelsey Dudley
Sheri Gervais
Genevera Hunt
Joshua Jackman, Chair
Kaitlyn Johnston
Tongjie (TJ) Zhang


Appeals Committee members don’t have regularly scheduled meetings. When the need for a review or appeal arises, we normally appoint two public Council members and two regulated Council members from the Roster to serve for the given matter.

Expenses and Compensation

Appeals Committee members may claim expenses, including travel, accommodation and salary replacement. Appeals Committee members are not employees of our College – this is a volunteer role. However, they may claim honoraria for attending meetings and other required functions. Our expense policy lists all eligible expenses. It is in our Governance Policies at GP7.1.1.

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