Advice to the Profession

A speech bubble with a question mark inside and a second speech bubble with three dots (an ellipsis). The thought bubbles are in layers of the College’s colours: bright blue, bright green and white. They are set on a background of a light grey circle.By supporting your practice and helping you understand our expectations, we are working with you to ensure high quality care for your patients. The topics we include here answer questions we are often asked, or relate to areas of practice where extra guidance may help.

3 Common Mistakes in Sedation Dentistry

Discussing the most common mistakes made during dental sedation, questions to ask yourself, and how to make patient safety the centre of your practice.


Changes to Safety Code 30

Highlights of the changes and how they impact your practice including: radiation dosimetry monitoring; radiation safety officers; thyroid shields; rectangular collimators; and quality assurance program.


Should I keep my CPR up to date?

When answering this question, consider things like your practice setting, your patient’s needs, and your employer’s and co-workers’ expectations.


Understanding IPC: Beyond PPE

Working in dentistry has always presented risk due to the possibility of disease transmission. To best protect your patients, coworkers and yourself, you need to understand how diseases are transmitted and how to prevent transmission.

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