Needlestick Info

What do I do if I experience a needlestick / sharps injury or other bloodborne pathogen exposure?

The College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta (CDSA) recommendation for PEP (post exposure protocol) following a needlestick injury is to:

  • contact HealthLink (811) as soon as possible, preferably within an hour
  • tell them you have experienced an occupational exposure
  • ask for contact information for the Medical Officer of Health for your zone
  • contact your Medical Officer of Health for details about your next steps

The nurses at HealthLink should have the appropriate contact information for the area or region where the incident occurred. It is important for you to make the contact as soon as possible following the incident.

Incident reporting forms are available through the CDSA website (members only) or by fax if requested by dental staff.

Be prepared!

To learn more about preventing Blood and Body Fluid Exposure (BBFE) and the proper response if you have an exposure visit

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