Governance Committee

Our Governance Committee (GC) is a governance committee that helps us run our organization. This committee reports and makes recommendations to Council but does not have authority to make decisions.

The GC indirectly supports our regulatory work by overseeing our governing documents (bylaws, policies, etc.) and practices, and committee recruitment and selection.

Committee Members

Ayodele Adediran
Chelsey Dudley
Sheri Gervais
Genevera Hunt, Chair
Kaitlyn Johnston
Jolene Moore
Lysa Theberge
Amy Sochatsky

Committee Activities

  • review our Bylaws to ensure they comply with legislation and leading practices in bylaws and governance
  • review our Governance Policies for effective and efficient governance
  • review our governance practices for effectiveness, transparency and focus on Mission, Vision and Values
  • develop and implement process for:
    • Council performance review
    • Registrar & CEO performance and compensation review
    • committee recruitment and selection

Committee Structure

This committee is typically populated by members of our College’s Council as follows:

  • the Vice-Chair Governance and Regulation (appointed as Chair of this committee)
  • at least two other Council members


The GC typically meets virtually four or five times a year. GC meetings happen before each Council meeting. There may be additional meeting(s) if needed.

Expenses and Compensation

Committee members may claim expenses, including travel, accommodation and salary replacement. Committee members are not employees of our College – this is a volunteer role. However, they may claim honoraria for attending meetings and other required functions. Our expense policy lists all eligible expenses. It is in our Governance Policies at GP7.1.1.

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