Competency Profile for CADA Councillors

The Competency Profile for Councillors highlights experience and training that would be beneficial to Councillors. No individual Councillor is expected to have all competencies. This list will assist in assessing gaps in knowledge and skill on Council, recruiting new Councillors and for scheduling education sessions to fill any areas where knowledge or skills may need development for individual Councillors or Council as a whole.

Diverse Dental Assisting Experiences

  • general and/or specialty dental practice
  • administrative
  • education
  • sedation/general anesthetic
  • emerging technologies
  • dental sales and/or service
  • insurance

Governance Experiences

  • condo, community group, association board
  • meeting proceedings
  • policy development and implementation
  • separation of management and governance functions

Business Management Experiences

  • understands how groups, teams and individuals function
  • understands operational systems and processes
  • anticipates impact of decisions on the organization, stakeholders, the public and individuals
  • considers legislation, legal responsibilities and fairness

Human Resources Experiences

  • understands employment legislation
  • supervisory experience
  • familiar with employment contracts
  • differentiates between employer rights and employee rights

Financial Experiences

  • understands the difference between statement of financial position and statement of operations
  • understands the budget process
  • relates progress on strategic initiatives to budget

Risk Management Experiences

  • understands the benefits and limitations of insurances
  • understands privacy and confidentiality requirements
  • understands vulnerabilities/security in digital technology

Public Relations Experiences

  • ability to establish and maintain respectful relationships
  • committed to and supportive of the profession
  • committed to and supportive of the College and the Council

Volunteer Experiences

  • demonstrates successful volunteer experiences in a variety of settings
  • understands the commitment required to be a successful volunteer
  • willing and able to prepare for, attend and participate in activities of Council and the College

Trends in Dentistry

  • understands evolving best practices
  • knowledge of the current standard of care and patient-centred care

Emerging Technology

  • understands the impact of new technologies on dental assisting practice
  • proactively evaluates professional development needs and opportunities with respect to new procedures and equipment

Dental Industry Expectations and Needs

  • ability to envision the dental assistant of the future
  • ability to anticipate the regulatory environment to support the dental assistant of the future

Trends in Dental Workplaces

  • anticipates changes in the workforce environment or the practice environment of dental assistants
  • anticipates changing competencies to ensure dental assistants continue to provide safe, competent care in evolving environment


  • ability to engage colleagues and create effective teams
  • communicates effectively
  • inspires
  • mentors new Councillors
  • effectively evaluates performance of self, Council as a whole and Registrar & CEO


  • supports and encourages colleagues
  • creates inclusive environment
  • recognizes Council’s authority is as a whole, no individual authority to make decisions

Strategic Thinking

  • forward thinking, to anticipate health care developments that impact dental assistants
  • visualizes challenges and opportunities from a variety of perspectives
  • ability to visualize more than one future and evaluate potential outcomes

Strategic Planning

  • the ability to create pathways to achieve the goals identified in strategic thinking

Critical Thinking

  • the ability to identify multiple solutions to complex issues
  • the ability to evaluate information impartially

Problem Solving

  • the ability to research and adapt based on sound data
  • the ability to envision desired outcomes and find ways to achieve them


  • understands and abides by the Council Code of Conduct and Oath of Office
  • respectful, thoughtful and productive member of Council
  • respects confidentiality
  • prepares thoroughly for meetings
  • understands the College role and responsibilities
  • understands and follows governing legislation, bylaws, mission, vision and values
  • willingly participates in professional development opportunities to enhance and improve performance as Councillor


  • impartial, unbiased
  • recognize, declare, avoid conflicts of interest
  • reflect before making important decisions:
  • consider who will be impacted by decisions, what is motivating my response, laws, policies and expectations related to issues
  • acts in the best interest of the College, following governing legislation
  • represents the profession as a whole not individuals or sub-groups of dental assistants
  • maintains professional boundaries


  • the ability to separate issues from persons
  • arrives on time and prepared for meetings and events
  • listens when others are speaking, refraining from sidebar conversations or disruptive behaviours


  • expresses opinions and participates in meetings openly, honestly and with respect
  • listens thoughtfully to the opinions and concerns of others


  • effectively makes decisions by obtaining and evaluating all applicable information
  • employs effective decision-making strategies
  • seeks expert advice as necessary
  • supports the decisions of Council
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