Continuing Competence Program Requirements

Every Year

  • complete a self-assessment
  • create a learning plan with a minimum of two learning objectives
  • record completed learning activities with verification
  • record practice hours with verification

When Notified

  • participate in CCP Audit

CCP Requirements Checklist

Use this handy checklist to help you keep track of meeting the CCP Requirements. Enter your records in the Portal.

CCP Checklist

Every year you must meet these Continuing Competence Program Requirements:

Learning Objectives

Assess competencies and learning needs

Assess your dental assistant knowledge and abilities.

Reflect on your practice and the learning that will benefit you.

CheckboxUse the Self-Assessment tool or do a self-directed assessment of your knowledge and skills to help you identify learning topics that will benefit your practice.

CheckboxCreate your Learning Plan. Use the topics you identified to make 2 Learning Objectives. Post your Learning Plan in the Portal.

CheckboxWrite Learning Objective Statements that answer these questions:

        • What do I plan to learn?
        • Why have I chosen this Learning Objective (why is it important to my practice)?

CheckboxReview the Competency Profile. Decide which competency number (1 letter and 2 numbers) is the best match for your Learning Objective.

Achieve learning objectives

Achieve your Learning Objectives by completing Learning Activities.

Complete your learning by November 30th of the plan year your learning is for. (Plan years are from December 1st to November 30th.)

CheckboxComplete Learning Activities to achieve your Learning Objectives. Choose activities that fit the way you learn best. For example: self study using online or textbook sources, webinars, conferences, formal education, mentoring by a colleague or employer.

CheckboxUpload Proof of Completion. Your proof should enable the College to verify your Learning Activity clearly and easily. It can be a signed Verification of Learning Form.

Analyze learning

Assess your dental assistant knowledge and abilities.

Reflect on your practice and the learning that will benefit you.

CheckboxWrite your Result Statement so it tells the College the impact your learning has on your practice. Do that by answering either of these questions:

        • What can I do as a result of completing this Learning Objective?
        • How has completing this Learning Objective improved or impacted my practice?

Practice Hours

CheckboxFulfill a minimum of 300 Practice Hours in a 3-year period or equivalent. Upload Proof of Practice Hours. Proof can be a Practice Hours Verification form signed by your supervisor or employer. Post your hours and upload proof in the Portal every year so you are ready for CCP Audit.

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