Guidelines for Public Attendees

Our hearings are open to the public unless they are closed by the Hearing Tribunal. Anyone can attend our hearings to observe. To allow the hearing participants to focus on the hearing, we set these guidelines for public attendees:

  • contact our Hearings Director to pre-register as a public attendee
  • arrive 15 minutes before the start time of the hearing
  • register with the Hearings Director when you arrive
  • other than the Hearings Director, do not address any person involved with the hearing (in or out of session) about the hearing
  • a Hearing Tribunal may, at any time including during the day of the hearing, declare a hearing, or part of it, private or closed
  • you will not be able to attend any private or closed part of a hearing
  • if you leave while the hearing is in session, you must wait for a break to re-enter
  • our court reporter’s transcript is the only authorized record of the hearing; any other recording or form of capture is prohibited
  • anyone who doesn’t follow the guidelines and/or is disruptive may be required to leave

In-Person Hearings

  • we accept public attendees on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited seating in the hearing venue
  • cameras and recording devices are not allowed in the hearing room
  • all communication devices, including cell phones and portable computers, must be turned off and remain off while inside the hearing room
  • we may inspect any items carried into the hearing and require them to be removed
  • you may sit in the designated seating only and must remain quiet during the proceedings
  • you must leave the hearing room during every recess, for any part of a hearing held in private, and when the tribunal deliberates
  • if you leave during the hearing and don’t plan to return, advise the Hearings Director

Video Conference Hearings

  • turn your video camera on or off as directed by the Hearing Tribunal and/or moderator
  • keep your mic muted unless asked a question by the Hearing Tribunal
  • you must be in a private location with a quiet background and may be required to leave the hearing if your participation is distracting or disruptive
  • during recesses, or any part of a hearing held in private, you will be placed in the “waiting room” and only readmitted to the hearing when it reconvenes
  • while in the waiting room, you are responsible to watch for messages about timing or delays

We are not responsible for public attendees’ costs to attend a hearing.

Hearings may be cancelled, adjourned or delayed on short notice. We are not responsible for informing public attendees of schedule changes.

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