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August 18, 2020

Council is aware of the difficulties you may have experienced while implementing safe ways to provide care for our patients. We also recognize that safety comes at a cost – overheating in extra layers of PPE, continuous masking, revised office procedures adding to workloads and time concerns, additional screening of staff and patients, rigorous adherence to distancing and much more.

You are not alone. We’re all dealing with a new reality and our resilience is being tested. These last six months presented us all with many challenges:

  • a real fear – fear of unpredictable, constantly changing situations
  • learning new, more complicated routines
  • higher expectations from employers
  • experiencing stress and anxiety or panic attacks
  • strain on personal and professional relationships, lack of closeness or trust

As we continue in this new practice reality, we must remember to take care of ourselves. Use these or other resources to find help for yourself or to support a colleague:

  1. Help in Tough Times
  2. Psychological Hazards Associated with Returning to the Workplace During the Pandemic
  3. Anxiety Canada’s free app: MindShift CBT
  4. CDSPI Member Assistance Program (MAP) employees of ADA&C members may have access – talk to your employer or contact MAP at 1-844-578-4040 for information and eligibility.

Everyone’s experience is unique. You may be in a different place in your coping journey than others around you. These resources can help you understand any feelings you may be experiencing. By reaching out to someone or clicking on a link, you can find some much-needed relief and clarity.

Current date: July 23, 2024

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