February 2021 Council Meeting Activities

March 1, 2021

At their February 2021 meeting, Council:

Participated in learning about:

  • governance development

Had discussions about:

  • considering equity, diversity and inclusion when recruiting volunteers
  • 2018-23 Strategic Plan


  • Jill Bateman, registration number 10237; and Tara Toner, registration number 5224; to the Competence Committee


  • offering honoraria to regulated member councillors and committee members beginning March 1, 2021

Offering honoraria addresses equality between regulated members and public members serving on our College Council and committees. Public members receive a stipend from the Alberta Government for the time and expertise they contribute to college councils and committees.

It’s also consistent with the other health regulatory colleges in Alberta. Many of them offer a stipend to their regulated members who serve on their council and committees.

  • granting provisional approval program status to the Reeves College, Edmonton South, Dental Assisting Program, subject to conditions


  • Mr. Ramandeep Singh as a Public Member of Council

Current date: June 22, 2024

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