Councillor Appointed for 2022-25 Term

December 2, 2022

Kaitlyn Johnston is joining Council as a Regulated Member Councillor. Her appointment is for December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2025.

While relatively new to the dental assisting profession, Kaitlyn also has several years of experience in another regulated profession. It was while she was working as a Registered Veterinary Health Technician that Kaitlyn discovered her passion for dentistry and oral health. She transitioned to working solely in the dental industry when she graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Dental Assisting Program in 2019.

Kaitlyn is currently working as a clinical dental assistant with direct patient interactions. Her role includes using digital technology, a developing trend in dentistry. She loves learning and takes every opportunity to broaden her knowledge and experience. Recently, she completed an orthodontic advanced practice course and hopes to complete a preventive advanced practice course in the future. Kaitlyn’s current clinical experience and working knowledge of emerging trends in equipment and procedures fit some of the needs Council is looking to add to our current Council team.

In addition to her clinical background, Kaitlyn has led and taken part in committees in both her professional and college careers. She can read, interpret, and apply legislation, and is a strong written and verbal communicator.

When she is not working or volunteering, Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with friends and staying active by running or taking boxing classes.

Kaitlyn is excited to serve on the College Council. We’re excited to have her join our Council team and share her fresh perspective and experience.

Merit-Based Appointment

Earlier this year, we changed how we fill Council positions. Instead of a call for nominations for election, we are now recruiting applicants based on the needs of our current Council team and the attributes, competencies and experiences the applicants will contribute to the team.

The change is part of our work to comply with Bill 46, the Health Statutes Amendment Act, 2020. Bill 46 requires that regulatory colleges like ours not act as a membership association. We see our move to merit-based appointments as being more in line with our role as a regulator.

Briefly, our merit-based appointments involve:

  • Council identifies their needs for the upcoming term
  • we invite applicants
  • the Appointment Committee reviews anonymous applications, interviews and recommends candidates to Council
  • Council considers the Committee’s recommendations and makes appointments

If you would like to know more, read about merit-based appointments.

Current date: June 22, 2024

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