CCP Tips for Renewal

October 17, 2023

Most dental assistants will need to update their current CCP records and create their proposed learning plans before they renew their Practice Permit. To help you with that, we have some tips for you based on what we learned when we reviewed CCP records during the CCP Audit earlier this year.

We found some common issues where CCP records fell short of the requirements, which led to incomplete audit results. By sharing those common issues and giving you tips to avoid them in your own CCP records, we are working with you toward a successful CCP audit.

As you update your records and plan your learning, follow these tips to help you meet the CCP requirements and have a successful audit.

Learning Objective & Learning Results Statements

Common Issue

The statements are missing key information.

Learning objective statements need to include what the dental assistant plans to learn and why. Though the “what” is usually included, the “why” is often missing.

Learning results statements need to show that the dental assistant achieved their learning. A description of how the learning impacted or enhanced their practice is often missing.


These statements are very important. They help us understand what you want to learn and the outcome of your learning. You put effort into learning, so tell us about it!

Make sure your Learning Objective Statement answers both of these questions:

  • What do I plan to learn?
  • Why did I choose this Learning Objective?

Make sure your Learning Results Statement answers either of these questions:

  • What can I do as a result of what I learned?
  • How has what I learned impacted or improved my practice?

Example of Learning Objective Statement and Learning Results Statement

Verification of Learning

Common Issue

Verification doesn’t meet CCP requirements.

This is particularly common for self-directed study like online material and textbooks.


Use this list of acceptable verification of learning to guide you:

* Self-directed study, like online material and textbooks, is an area where we often see a lack of verification. Using the Self Study Learning Activity Tracking Form will help you track the right information.

Examples of Self-Study Learning Verification

Practice Hours

Common Issue

Practice hours records are missing.

This is a particular problem when the dental assistant needs to show hours from past years during their audit. It can be challenging to locate old information and records.


Record your practice hours every year and upload verification.

These two resources will help you with recording your practice hours:

Current date: May 24, 2024

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