Bylaws Effective December 31st

December 21, 2022

As part of our work to meet the requirements of Bill 46, the Health Statutes Amendment Act 2020, we needed to change our Bylaws. Since the changes involved both updating current Bylaws and adding new ones, we felt it was best to make a new set of Bylaws.

Council has approved these new Bylaws to take effect December 31, 2022.

Your Feedback About Our Draft

As part of making the changes, we asked for your comments on our draft Bylaws. Since the feedback we received was overall very positive and supported the new Bylaws, we made no further changes to our draft.

We thank everyone who took time to review our draft Bylaws and share their thoughts.

What has changed in our new Bylaws?

Registration Requirements

Some of the requirements to register as a dental assistant have been listed in the Dental Assistants Profession Regulation. They are moving out of the Regulation and into the Health Professions Act (HPA) and our Bylaws. The HPA will list general requirements that apply to all regulated health professions. We added details for these general requirements to our Bylaws:

  • details about what we require for evidence of good character and reputation
  • type and amount of professional liability insurance regulated members must have
  • the information we require about regulated members, what information we release, and how

Wording for Council Roles

To continue with moving away from association-related activities and wording, we are changing the titles of these Council roles:

  • President will become Chair
  • Vice-President will become Vice-Chair Governance and Regulation
  • Treasurer will become Vice-Chair Finance and Risk Management

New in Our Bylaws

We added these to our Bylaws:

  • steps to follow if we receive a complaint about a Council Member
  • Registration Committee, including structure and function
  • Language Proficiency, including who must prove they are proficient and when
  • a list of Equivalent Jurisdictions we accept registration from for registration with us through labour mobility
  • Competence Committee, including structure and function
  • Membership List for Complaint Review Committees and Hearing Tribunals, including structure and function
  • Appeals Committee (Council), including structure, function, role and eligibility
  • Designations by Council to name who may make decisions under the HPA, s65(1) Conditions, suspension during proceedings, and s86(1) Stay pending appeal
  • Forms and Documents to clarify that the Registrar may make, use and issue forms and documents to carry out regulatory functions
  • Reimbursement of Expenses describes who we will reimburse for expenses or pay honoraria to, and when

Effective December 31st

After considering the draft Bylaws, Council approved them to be in effect December 31, 2022. However, the Alberta Government is still working to put the Bill 46 changes in place. Until the Government finishes their work, certain registration requirements will still appear in other places. However, our new Bylaws can be in effect since the registration requirements in our Bylaws don’t conflict with other documents.

Current date: May 24, 2024

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