2021-24 Council Election Results

November 2, 2021

We thank all candidates for their interest in serving the College in this important role.

The candidates who have been elected to serve for the 2021-24 Council term are:

Chelsey Dudley, RDA
Sheri Gervais, RDA
Genevera Hunt, RDA
Lisa Rahimi, RDA

They will follow in the footsteps of our retiring Council members whom we thank for their commitment to regulating dental assistants in the interest of public safety:

Twila Dary, Regulated Member
Elaine McKay, Regulated Member
Jolene Moore, Regulated Member

On December 1, 2021, the start of the 2021-24 Council term, the elected candidates will join these previously appointed and elected Council members:

Ayo Adediran, Public Member
Barbara Joy, Public Member
Andrea Pillman, Regulated Member
Ramandeep Singh, Public Member
Kathy Tam, Public Member
Tongjie (TJ) Zhang, Public Member

Together, they will form our Council which is the governing body of our College. Council’s role is to manage and conduct the activities of our College. They are responsible for exercising the rights, powers and privileges and carrying out the duties of our College in the name of and on behalf of our College. They also carry out the powers and duties of the Council under the Health Professions Act and our Bylaws.

Our Council works together to ensure Albertans receive safe and competent care from dental assistants.

Current date: May 24, 2024

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