Rebalancing Council Terms

June 19, 2024

Four of Council’s five regulated Council members’ terms expire on November 30, 2024, which could result in losing a significant amount of the Council team’s corporate and historical knowledge all at once. To avoid that loss, Council extended:

  • Regulated Council Member Chelsey Dudley’s term by one year to November 30, 2025
  • Regulated Council Member Genevera Hunt’s term by two years to November 30, 2026


Council is responsible for providing the leadership, strategic direction and oversight that allows our College to meet our legislated mandate of regulating dental assistants in the public interest.

Our Council normally consists of five Public Members, appointed by the Alberta Government, and five Regulated Members, appointed by Council.

We currently have three Public Members on our Council, including one whose term has expired but continues to serve until the Government appoints a replacement. If the Government appoints a replacement and fills the two vacant positions, we could have three new Public Members appointed in the coming months. With four of the Regulated Member’s terms expiring, there is potential for seven new individuals to join Council later this year.

Bringing seven new Council members on board within a few months may negatively impact continuity. Ensuring continuity will better support Council’s ability to maintain ongoing work.

New Council members bring fresh ideas and perspectives to Council discussions. While a certain amount of turnover is important to the continued growth of the Council team, new appointees have a steep learning curve and benefit from the mentoring of experienced Council members.


The Bylaws allow Council to adjust the terms of up to two regulated Council members to maintain the turnover rate. The Governance Policies further allow for a regulated Council member’s term to be adjusted once and for up to two years. Council Member Dudley and Council Member Hunt are both eligible to have their terms adjusted.

The Governance Policies also indicate that the authority to adjust terms should only be used if necessary. Council believes that a team of 70% new Council members would pose a considerable risk to Council’s historical knowledge base and ability to continue their work without significant interruption.

Upcoming Recruitment

After extending the terms of Regulated Council Members Dudley and Hunt, two positions will be available on our Council for the term beginning December 1, 2024. Later this summer, we will be inviting regulated members of our College to consider the role and apply.

Current date: July 23, 2024

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