Public Member Appointed

October 12, 2022

Introducing Joshua Jackman

Joshua Jackman has been appointed by the Alberta Government as a public member of our Council. We’re looking forward to working with Joshua.

Drawing on his recent experience as a public member with another regulatory college, Joshua will step into his role with us quickly and easily. He is passionate about improving the health and welfare of Albertans. Born and raised in Edmonton, he is a graduate of the University of Alberta MBA program (finance) and has over ten years of diverse experience in investment management, accounting, and financial services. He is also actively involved as a volunteer for financial literacy, transferring his knowledge and experience to peers, adults, and the next generation of business leaders. Additionally, Joshua enjoys running long distances and continues to reach new heights in his marathon training.

A Fond Farewell to Kathy Tam

After five years as a Public Member Councillor with our College, Kathy Tam has retired from the role. We have benefitted from Kathy’s insight and experience. Council will miss her warm smile and encouraging words. We thank Kathy for sharing her perspective and being a positive influence as we promote the delivery of safe, quality oral health care for Albertans.

Current date: June 22, 2024

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