New Learning Module

November 19, 2020

Visit our Professional Practice Learning Centre to check out the new Standards of Practice learning module.

As a dental assistant, you must follow the Standards of Practice. We developed this module to help you understand the Standards and how to apply them to your daily practice.

Though this module isn’t mandatory, we encourage you to complete it.

The module is set up in units so you can work through it in sections. You can watch videos, check what you’ve learned and quiz yourself.

You can also use the module as a reference tool any time you need guidance in your practice.

The Health Professions Act requires that all regulated health professions have Standards of Practice. Every health professional must practice within their own Standards.

Our Standards set reasonable expectations for your daily practice. By using our module, you can learn about these expectations and use them to guide you.

Current date: April 21, 2024

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