Join our Public Advisors Network

May 11, 2022

Want to help inform and guide the work we do to protect the public interest? Join our Public Advisors Network (the PAN) to increase the voice and viewpoint of Albertans in the way we regulate dental assistants and dental hygienists*.

We’re looking for members of the public to volunteer as public advisors. As a public advisor you will consider and give your opinion on various topics (like measuring regulatory risk and effectiveness) and documents including:

  • standards of practice
  • bylaws
  • policies, guidelines, and strategic priorities
  • communications meant for the public (like website content)

To learn more about the role, review Public Advisors Network Terms of Reference.

Ideally, the PAN will include a variety of Albertans (such as age, location, gender and ethnicity) to represent our diverse community.

To apply, complete our Public Advisor Application Form.

*We’re working with the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta to create the PAN. It’s important to both our Colleges to hear and consider public input as we regulate our respective professions. Our goal is to have the PAN play a key role in providing that input.

Current date: June 22, 2024

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