Canadian Health Measures Survey

November 24, 2022

The Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS/Survey) is a project of Statistics Canada, Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. The Survey will help guide future health care policies and programs in Canada.

Alberta is one of the provinces where households have been randomly selected for the Survey. If you are selected and decide to take part:

  • You will give valuable information that will help with better understanding of the health factors affecting Canadians.
  • Your information will improve health services in Canada, and this will benefit all Canadians.
  • You will receive a free comprehensive health report. This report includes many physical and laboratory test results that you would not typically receive during a regular visit to a medical doctor or other health professional. You may learn something new about your physical health!

Check these resources to learn about the CMHS. Remember to share what you learn so everyone can make an informed choice about taking part in the Survey.

Video about the Canadian Health Measures Survey (

Content Information Sheet: Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) – Content Information Sheet 2007-2026 (

Information and Consent Booklet: Canadian Health Measures Survey – Information and Consent Booklet – Cycle 7 (

Current date: July 23, 2024

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