Transfer Your Dental Assisting Permit to a Leave of Absence

Last updated: September 9, 2020

Dental assistants* who are taking a leave from practice, and intend to return, may apply for Leave of Absence in the Portal during our annual renewal period.

When you are on a Leave of Absence you:

  • do not hold a Practice Permit (it is suspended)
  • are not covered by malpractice insurance
  • may not perform any professional services which:
    • are directly connected to the dental industry in Alberta, and/or
    • require or benefit from a dental assisting background i.e. dental assisting, dental hygiene, dental administration, health authorities, dental insurance, dental sales, dental labs, dental education, denture labs
  • may not use the protected titles Registered Dental Assistant and Dental Assistant
  • must reinstate your Practice Permit before you return to practice, in any capacity, in the dental field

Leave of Absence

  • must be renewed annually
  • may be renewed for up to three years

*Provisional Dental Assistants are not eligible for Leave of Absence.

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