Are You Ready for Renewal?

July 5, 2021

Get yourself ready to renew your Practice Permit. Take a few minutes to cross these things off your to-do list:

Employment and Personal Contact Information

Have you changed your employment situation? Have you moved, changed your name or email address?

Be sure to review your Profile and Employment Status in the Portal then update your details including:

    • legal name
    • email address
    • mailing address
    • phone number
    • current employment status
    • dental employer details

You must keep this information up to date. It’s required by the Health Professions Act and Dental Assistants Profession Regulation.

Continuing Competence Records

Before you can renew, you must record your proposed learning plan for next year.

In the Portal, go to Objectives & Learning Plans and record at least two proposed learning objectives for the 2022 plan year. Use the Self-Assessment to help you plan your proposed learning for 2022. Being able to choose your learning objectives every year is considered self-directed learning. Did you know that this kind of learning promotes collaboration with others? It  can also improve your critical thinking skills, and increase self-motivation and independence.

While you’re in the Portal, you can also record your practice hours and update your learning records. When you complete your renewal application, you must declare that you’re meeting the annual Continuing Competence Program (CCP) requirements. Keeping your records up to date will help you ensure you’re ready to make these declarations.

If you’re new to the (CCP) or would like a refresher, check out this information:

  • overview of the CCP
  • CCP requirements
  • sign up for an Introduction to the CCP Workshop (our virtual workshop will help you learn what you need to know about the CCP)


If you’ve taken any approved courses that may be eligible for practice authorization, remember to let us know. Start by checking in the Portal at Registration Details to see the practices you’re authorized for. Then, if you have anything to add, submit an Advanced Practice Authorization Request in the Portal.

You can learn more about authorized practices here and about Advanced Practice Authorization here.

Current date: March 21, 2023