Registrar Performance Management Committee

Our Registrar Performance Management Committee (RPMC) is a governance committee that facilitates the employer/employee relationship between Council and Registrar. This committee reports and makes recommendations to Council but does not have authority to make decisions.

The RPMC indirectly supports our regulatory work by overseeing the Registrar’s employment including orientation, work plan, professional development, and monitoring and assessing performance.

Committee Members

Sheri Gervais
Genevera Hunt
Lisa Rahimi, Chair
Tongjie (TJ) Zhang

Committee Activities

  • provide general orientation about the College to the Registrar
  • ensure the Registrar develops annual goals and objectives based on the College’s current strategic plan
  • canvass Council for feedback on Registrar performance and employment expectations
  • facilitate annual Registrar performance assessment process including salary recommendation
  • make recommendations to Council regarding Registrar performance outcomes, continued employment, compensation, education, and/or professional development
  • annually review the Registrar’s position description and bring recommendations to Council

Committee Structure

This committee has a very specific structure. The committee members must all be current members of our College’s Council as follows:

  • the Chair (appointed as Chair of this committee)
  • the Vice-Chair Governance and Regulation
  • the Vice-Chair Finance and Risk Management
  • a Councillor


The RPMC typically meets virtually in May and September.

Expenses and Compensation

Committee members may claim expenses, including travel, accommodation and salary replacement. Committee members are not employees of our College – this is a volunteer role. However, they may claim honoraria for attending meetings and other required functions. Our expense policy lists all eligible expenses. It is in our Governance Policies at GP7.1.1.

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