Election Candidates

October 1, 2021, is the deadline for nominations for the 2021-24 Council Election. If you’re interested in running for election, learn more here.

As we receive valid nominations, the candidates’ names and statements will be added below, listed alphabetically by last name. Each candidate is asked to provide a brief:

  • professional biography to describe their related background and volunteer experience
  • statement that describes their understanding of the role of our College and Council
  • statement that describes their strengths and skills that will contribute to their effectiveness as a Councillor

2021-24 Election Candidates

Genevera Hunt

Professional Biography

I have worked as an RDA for almost 20 years and have taken on several roles including administration, staff scheduling, inventory management, sleep apnea coordinator, health and safety officer and clinical lead. I have worked in both small and large practices and currently both in a General and Specialty Practice working alongside a general dentist, periodontist and Endodontist. Being a mom of 3, I have have had many experiencing as a volunteer over the years with Sparks, Brownies and various school activities and sports.

Understanding of College and Council Role

The role of the College and its council members is to protect the public by regulating the profession. This is done by setting standards to guide the Dental Assistant in providing safe, quality health care. Members must adhere to the code of ethics and standards of practice and are monitored by the college through continuing competencies and licencing obligations. In order to make informed decisions, a council member must educate themselves on all aspects regarding the profession.

Strengths and Skills

Having been in the profession for several years, I have witnessed the positive changes made to protect the public. I am an effective communicator and work well in collaborative settings. I am able to make informed decisions regarding public safety I believe my experience in the field, positive attitude, work ethic and dedication to my profession will contribute to my effectiveness as a councilor.

Lisa Rahimi

Professional Biography

I am the current CADA President; serving two terms. For the past 12 years I have been an active member of my community association. In fact, my whole family actively participates. I also serve on many other boards/committees in and around the Calgary area.

Having immense pride in the profession of dental assisting; I enjoy giving back through volunteerism. My hope is to help guide our profession well into the future while keeping the public safe.

Understanding of College and Council Role

It is my belief that the most important role of our College and our Council is to protect the public. I feel the best way to achieve this as a councilor is to attend all council meetings and/or events and to be 100% prepared for all council meetings by reviewing the council package; understanding the code of ethics, standards of practice, the Health Professions Act and/or any other applicable materials to help make informed, clear and rational decisions.

Strengths and Skills

My strong organizational skills, calm demeanor and attention to detail will aid with preparation and readiness for council meetings so I am able to make informed decisions while keeping our CADA mandate at the forefront of these decisions; protecting the public. I pride myself on being completely prepared for council meetings and/or events by reading the applicable documentation and asking if I require further clarification or understanding so that I can make truly informed decisions while keeping the public safe.


Eligible voters will receive an email with instructions when voting opens. Learn more about our nomination and election process.

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