CADA Council Elections

Last updated: October 2, 2021

At: 3:23 pm

As set out by the Health Professions Act, our College’s mandate is to regulate dental assistants in the public interest. We must have a Council to manage and carry out the affairs of our College. Our Council is made up of regulated members and public members. Public members are appointed by government. Regulated members are elected.

We hold an annual election to fill regulated member council positions. Our registrants who hold valid practice permits may put their name forward to be elected to council. We encourage dental assistants with diverse backgrounds to run for election.

2021-24 Election

We have four regulated member Councillor positions available for the 2021-24 Council term. The term runs from December 1, 2021, to November 30, 2024. To fill these positions, we’ll hold an election this fall.

We invite dental assistants to consider the criteria for nomination then submit their name for election if they’re interested.


mid-August through October 1, 2021

Candidate Information

Information about the candidates will be available at Candidates and on our election website.


October 15 to October 31, 2021

Our Election Process

We conduct the election of regulated member Councillors in accordance with the Health Professions Act, our Bylaws and Governance Policies.


We begin elections by issuing a Call for Nominations.

Regulated members in good standing who have a valid Practice Permit (Registered Dental Assistants and Provisional Dental Assistants) are eligible. Nominees must complete our Nomination Form. Their nomination must be endorsed by at least three regulated members in good standing and received by the nomination deadline.


If we have more nominees than the number of positions available, we will hold an election.

Regulated members are eligible to vote. Eligible voters will have access to a list of candidates and their statements, and a ballot. They must submit their ballot during the voting period.


We use a secure, anonymous process for our election of councillors. Our election is hosted by an independent third party.

The election host will provide eligible voters with login credentials and a unique access code to ensure that only eligible voters submit a ballot and each voter only submits once.

The election host will log votes. After the voting period closes, they will provide us with results as aggregate data only. Individual voters/votes will NOT be identified.

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